Oskari Vilamo Fund prize awarded to professor Sixten Korkman

OSKARI VILAMO FUND            PRESS RELEASE            8 November 2012



The Oskari Vilamo Fund has conferred this year's award for merit, a total of 5,000 euros, on Sixten Korkman, Professor of Practice in Economics at Aalto University.

With effect from the beginning of August, Sixten Korkman was appointed Professor of Practice at the Department of Economics at Aalto University School of Business. The professorship is in the field of economics.

Korkman has worked as Managing Director of ETLA, the Economic Research Institute of the Finnish Economy, and EVA, the Finnish Business and Policy Forum during 2005 - 2012. Korkman was Director General at the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union, Directorate for Economic and Social Affairs during 1995 - 2005. He was responsible for economic and financial affairs, the EU's budget and employment and social affairs. Prior to this, Korkman worked as Director General of the economic department of the Finnish Ministry of Finance, during 1989 -1995.

Sixten Korkman has been in several positions of trust in various civil servant task forces and committees handling economic, taxation, pension system and integration policy issues. He has published several books, articles and columns, both in Finland and abroad, on economic policies, financing, taxation and labour market policy. Korkman's latest book, Talous ja utopia ("Economy and utopia") was published on 18 October 2012. It is a popularised, insightful guide to interpreting and understanding economic issues.

Thesis awards for two doctoral dissertations and seven Master's theses

The Oskari Vilamo Fund's doctoral dissertation prizes have been awarded to Virpi Stucki, Doctor of Science (Technology), and Lassi Warsta, Doctor of Science (Technology). The doctoral dissertation prize is 3,500 euros.

The fund's Master's thesis prizes have been awarded to Master of Science (Technology) Markus Derry, Architect Leena Holmila, Master of Science (Technology) Mikko Hyyrynen, Master of Science (Technology) Juho Järvenpää, Master of Science (Technology) Kimmo Myllynen, Master of Science (Technology) Markus Simonen and Architect Inari Virkkala. The Master's thesis prize is 2,000 euros.

Developer of the construction industry

The fund, named after Economic Counsellor Oskari Vilamo, is presided over by the Foundation for Economic Education and aims to promote higher-level research into construction. Lemminkäinen founded the fund in 1985. This year marks the 27th year an annual award for merit has been made, since the awards began in 1986. Master's thesis awards have been granted since 1993. The fund has issued the award for a total of 39 doctoral dissertations, 20 licentiate theses and 83 Master's theses, including this year's prizes.


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