Lemminkäinen wins major airport paving contract from Finavia

LEMMINKÄINEN CORPORATION         PRESS RELEASE         16.4.2012 at 12.30


Lemminkäinen has won a paving contract from Finavia, the company which maintains Finland's airports. The contract includes paving milling, as well as paving work for runway 3 and taxiways at Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

The total value of the project is roughly 20 million euros. The contract will begin in April 2012 and end in the autumn of 2014. According to preliminary calculations, the work will involve around 300,000 tons of paving.

"Based on the partnership model, the contract is of major significance to both Finavia and Lemminkäinen. Based on a partnership between the customer and contractor, this model is the first of its kind in the world of Finnish paving contracting," affirms Jussi Rantanen of Lemminkäinen.

An airport is an extremely challenging working environment. Quality requirements are very high for both materials and precast paving, in addition to which there are a multitude of international safety regulations. Lemminkäinen has strong experience of airport paving work, both in Finland and abroad. 

"Helsinki-Vantaa airport is an important traffic nexus for Finland. Around 15 million passengers passed through it last year. It is important that the changes are carried out as fast, cost-efficiently and safely as possible. During the contract, special attention will be paid to ensuring that the work has the minimum possible effect on the flow of air traffic in Finland," says Henri Hansson, SVP, Airport Operations, Finavia.

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