Lemminkäinen obtains Finnish patent for apartment-block-raising technology

LEMMINKÄINEN CORPORATION                     PRESS RELEASE 10 May 2012 at 4.15 P.M


Lemminkäinen has received a patent, granted by the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland, for a solution for raising apartment buildings. Last year, the European Patent Organisation EPO awarded Lemminkäinen a so-called European patent for the method.

Based on the patented solution, vertical structures and a new external envelope are constructed around a building's existing envelope, while a new roof is added on top. The method enables the use of an apartment block's additional building rights. Furthermore, its building technology can be modernised efficiently, without inconveniencing tenants. The method also includes installing elevators in older, non-elevator buildings.

The solution patented by Lemminkäinen provides the opportunity to make the community structure more compact, while enhancing energy efficiency and reducing the operating costs of living. Construction of an elevator also markedly improves the accessibility of raised apartment blocks. National register data confirms that 50% of Finland's 38,000 or so apartment blocks with at least three floors are without elevators.

"This innovation is of major significance in terms of community structure. For instance, the status of Helsinki metropolitan region suburbs has changed over time and now the aim is to make them more compact and lively in structure, while improving the service offering. To meet this need, block-raising technology and moderate complementary and additional construction will open up new opportunities for making the urban structure significantly more compact. Thanks to the invention, the number of residences in suburbs may even double, without compromising environmental values and well-functioning, green courtyard areas", comments the inventor of the solution, Project Manager Janne Salonen of Lemminkäinen.

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