Lemminkäinen obtains patent for apartment-block-raising technology

LEMMINKÄINEN OYJ                PRESS RELEASE             24 February 2011 at 10.30 a.m.


The European Patent Organisation EPO has awarded Lemminkäinen a so-called European patent for a method of increasing an apartment block’s height. Based on the patented solution, vertical structures and a new external envelope are constructed around a building’s existing envelope, while a new roof is added on top. The method enables the use of an apartment block‘s additional building rights. Furthermore, its building technology can be modernised efficiently, without inconveniencing tenants. The method also includes installing elevators in older, non-elevator buildings.

An apartment’s height can be raised in this way, without adding to the load on the old frame structure or foundations. There is no need to disassemble the old roof; instead, the required inlets are made and new building technology is integrated with that already existing in the building. Using the patented method, apartments on the lower floors can be used by tenants throughout the height-raising project. Patented method was invented by project manager Janne Salonen.

This innovation also provides means of making community structures more compact. 'Under various suburban programmes in the metropolitan area, for example, consideration is being given to complementary construction in suburban areas. This new solution provides a major opportunity for carrying out such construction in areas with unused building rights', explains Hannu Anttonen, head of Lemminkäinen’s renovation and construction business sector. 'By renewing building technology, we can also offer cost-efficient solutions that meet new energy requirements.'

Increasing the height of apartment blocks also improves the accessibility and comfort of living spaces. National register data confirms that 50% of Finland’s 38,000 or so apartment blocks with at least three floors are without elevators.

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