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LEMMINKÄINEN OYJ PRESS RELEASE 14 March 2011 at 11.15 a.m.



The second architectural competition for the new Saukonpaasi residential area, located in Jätkäsaari in Helsinki, has concluded. The winning entries were submitted by Arkkitehtitoimisto Hannu Jaakkola Oy and Arkkitehtuuritoimisto B & M Oy. The jury recommends that both winning proposals be executed. According to the jury, the winning designs contain the elements of a good townscape. They provide sound preconditions for the formation of Saukonpaasi's marine waterfront frontage and the creation of a city block with a character of its own.

Four architectural agencies were invited to submit design proposals for the private-sector owner-occupied housing to be built between Saukonpaadenranta and Saukonpolku. The proposals were of high quality and, in versatile ways, illustrated the opportunities offered by the area.  First place was shared by the proposals "Vesihiisi" and "Toinen Helsinki", submitted by Arkkitehtitoimisto Hannu Jaakkola Oy and Arkkitehtuuritoimisto B & M Oy.

The competition concerned plots 20029/9 and 10 in the Saukonpaasi area. Altogether, these plots have building rights of 9,800 sqm, in addition to which a total of 1,000 sqm of common facilities for residents can be built on the first floors.

This invitational architectural competition was jointly arranged with the City of Helsinki by the area's developer, Lemminkäinen Talo Oy. The competition was aimed at finding a workable, high-quality solution as a basis for further planning of private-sector owner-occupied housing, with functional, aesthetic, technical and economic requirements resolved in a balanced way. The desired solution would be economically feasible and take energy efficiency and ecological sustainability into account.

The jury included Project Manager Jukka Savolainen (chair), Sales Manager Jorma Jaakkola and Director Arto Jokinen from Lemminkäinen Talo Oy, Project Manager Matti Kaijansinkko from the City Planning Department of the City of Helsinki, Housing Development Engineer Ifa Kytösaho from the Economic and Planning Centre of the City of Helsinki, legal counsel Sami Haapanen from the Real Estate Department of the City of Helsinki and Professor Hannu Huttunen, Architect SAFA, as a jury member appointed by the contestants.

Both winning proposals to be executed

The jury recommends that development be continued on the basis of the proposal "Vesihiisi". In addition, in the future, a reference plan should be drawn up for plots 20029/6 and 7, located in the block next to the competition area, on the basis of the proposal "Toinen Helsinki". The jury also recommends that the assignments be awarded to the designers of the winning entries.

According to the jury, the proposal "Vesihiisi" provides good preconditions, in townscape terms, for the formation of Saukonpaasi's marine waterfront frontage. It complies with the city plan and its townscape objectives. In structural terms, the proposal is executable although challenging, particularly with regard to the brickwork of the facades and the detailing of the roof floor. The architecture is impressive and the apartments have a certain splendour that suits the location and landscape.

The proposal "Toinen Helsinki" contains the necessary elements for a good townscape and the creation of a city block with character, as well as a host of ideas and details that support urban living and its development in a more versatile direction. The proposal should be developed as a reference plan, with particular attention to these special characteristics.

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