Lemminkäinen to enlarge Prisma in Kouvola

LEMMINKÄINEN CORPORATION Press release 5.1.2010, 12.45

Lemminkäinen to enlarge Prisma in Kouvola

Lemminkäinen has made a start on the enlargement of the Prisma department store
in Kouvola. The enlargement will double the size of the existing premises. The
client is Osuuskauppa Ympäristö and the contract will be completed in March
2011. Lemminkäinen will construct the store extension, parking facility and
pick-up yard building. The contract is worth EUR 16.5 million. 

The main contractor will be Lemminkäinen Group's Oka Oy, which is currently
also carrying out the Prisma enlargement project in Kotka as a project
management contract for Osuuskauppa Ympyrä. Oka also carried out the previous
phase of Prisma's enlargement in Kouvola in 1996. 

"In the present economic downturn Prisma's enlargement contract is a
significant and welcomed project for the region. It will employ about 150
building industry professionals next year," says Oka's Regional Director Janne

The enlargement of Prisma's store in Kouvola will bring an additional 20,000 m²
of floor area. A 47,000 m² parking facility for 1,250 cars will also be built.
The pick-up yard building will have a floor area of 5,000 m². 

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Regional Director Janne En
Lemminkäinen/Oka Oy
Tel. +358 400 912 025

Managing Director Jouko Vehmas
Osuuskauppa Ympäristö
Tel. +358 500 652 220 

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