Lemminkäinen starts construction of interest-subsidised rental housing in Kokkola


Lemminkäinen starts construction of interest-subsidised rental housing in

Lemminkäinen is starting work on the construction of 60 interest-subsidised
rental housing units in the immediate vicinity of the 2011 housing exhibition
area of Pikiruukki in Kokkola. The two apartment buildings will be constructed
by Lemminkäinen Talo Oy Forsström and the clients are Kokkolan Vuokra-Asunnot
Oy and Pohjanmaan YH-Asunnot Oy. 

"Over the past couple of years the emphasis in residential construction starts
has been on rental housing. The starts now being made are an extension of the
38 high-quality rental housing units completed this month in connection with
the Chydenia Shopping Centre," says Tony Storbacka, Managing Director of
Lemminkäinen Talo Oy Forsström. 

Construction work at Pikiruukki began in December 2009. The first of the
apartment buildings will be completed by the end of October 2010 and the other
in January 2011. The buildings do not belong to actual housing exhibition area,
but they will blend in very harmoniously with its the overall look and feel. 

"In the coming weeks we will start the off-plan marketing of owner-occupied
dwellings to be built in the housing exhibition area. Hopefully, the market for
owner-occupied housing will pick up during the coming spring and the project
will get off the ground," says Tony Storbacka. 

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