Lemminkäinen wins new contracts

Lemminkäinen Corporation		    Press release       29.6.2009 at 13.00

Lemminkäinen wins new contracts 

Lemminkäinen Talo Oy's subsidiaries have received new contracts from all over
Finland. The combined value of the contracts is approx. EUR 40 million. 

Hong Kong store, Pirkkala:
Rakennustoimisto Palmberg Oy is to build new premises for Hong Kong in
Pirkkala.  The 5,000 square metre building will be located in Partola next to
the old store. 

As Oy Pirkkalan Pereenranta, Pirkkala:
Rakennustoimisto Palmberg Oy is starting construction work on the Pere
residential area in Pirkkala. The first start is being made on As Oy Pirkkalan
Pereenranta, a rental apartment building of 64 right-of-occupancy units, for YH
Länsi Oy. According to the zoning, over 500 apartments are to be built on plots
owned by Rakennustoimisto Palmberg. 

Commercial premises and parking hall for As Oy Lähderanta, Espoo:
A consortium consisting of Oy Alfred A. Palmberg Ab and Oka Oy is to build
commercial premises and a parking hall for As Oy Lähderanta in the Lähderanta
district of Espoo. The commercial premises will be occupied by S-Market. The
project will be carried out as a design-and-build contract. Design work will
commence immediately and construction will start up in winter 2010. 

Sports hall at Pajulahti Sports Institute, Nastola:
Oka Oy is to build a new sports hall for Pajulahti Sports Institute in Nastola.
Construction work will begin in mid-July and the building will be completed at
the end of September. The sports hall has a floor area of 10 000 square metres. 

Ortamonpuisto assisted living facility, Lappeenranta:
Oka Oy is building the Ortamonpuisto assisted living facility home in
Lappeenranta for Lappeenrannan Asuntopalvelu Oy. The facility will have 84
apartments and a total floor area of 4,600 square metres. Construction work has
started and the site will be completed in October 2010. 

Basic repair of housing in Turku University Student Village, Turku:
Palmberg-TKU Oy and the Student Village Foundation have agreed for the basic
repair of 101 apartments in downtown Turku. The contract will begin at the end
of August and will last about one year. 

Printing plant for Keski-Pohjanmaan Kirjapaino and HSS Media, Kokkola:
Byggnads Ab Forsström Rakennus Oy is to build a new printing plant in Kokkola
for Keski-Pohjanmaan Kirjapaino and HSS Media. The site's technical building
services will be the responsibility of  Lemminkäinen Group's Tekmanni Pohjanmaa
Oy and Sähköliike Tekno Oy. The modern printing plant will have spaces for the
printing press as well as mailing facilities and offices. The building will
have a floor area of about 5,000 square metres and a total volume of 29,000
cubic metres. The construction works will begin immediately and the plant will
start up in May 2010. 

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