Lemminkäinen to make several new housing starts in Helsinki Metropolitan Area

Lemminkäinen Corporation	Press release 22.6.2009 at 10:00                    


Lemminkäinen Group's Oy Alfred A. Palmberg Ab has made agreements concerning the
construction of several new housing sites.                                      

Espoon Kuusama, a 41-unit apartment building completed in May in the Laaksolahti
district of Espoo, has been sold to Tapiola KR IV Ky, a real estate investment  
fund managed by Tapiola Real Estate Ltd. As a follow-up to the deal, Oy Alfred  
A. Palmberg Ab and Tapiola have agreed on the construction of a new rental      
housing site in Viertola, Vantaa. The 68-unit apartment building will be built  
on a site owned by Oy Alfred A. Palmberg. Planning work will start in           
August-September and the site is expected to be completed in November 2010. The 
project is still awaiting confirmation of funding from the Housing Finance and  
Development Centre of Finland (ARA).                                            

The construction of an 18-unit apartment building (As Oy Helsingin Lammastarha) 
has begun in the Fallpakka district of Helsinki for TA-Asumisoikeus Oy. In      
August-September construction work will start on a 26-unit apartment building   
(As Oy Helsingin Hevoshaka) in Fallpakka and a 38-unit apartment building (As Oy
Espoon Esikko) in the Laaksolahti district of Espoo, also for TA-Asumisoikeus   

”Selling sites to investors speed up construction and the development of        
residential areas. The present market situation is a good time for investors to 
acquire high-quality rental housing. For the builder, it frees up capital for   
new construction starts,” explains Arto Jokinen, the director responsible for Oy
Alfred A. Palmberg Ab's residential construction.                               

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