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PRESS RELEASE, 12.12.2007                                                       


Lemminkäinen has received two major road contracts from the Latvian Road        
Administration. The combined value of the road works is EUR 18.2 million. Work  
will begin in spring 2008 and will be completed by August 2009.                 

The works on Latvia's A2 and A6 main roads will include basic improvement of the
road structure from sub-base to asphalt pavement on two sections of road. The A2
road from Riga to the Estonian border will be improved on a 2.1-kilometre-long  
section near the town of Sigulda. The second contract involves a                
5.7-kilometre-long road section near the town of Ogre on the A6 road between    
Riga and the border with Belarus.                                               

The projects will be partly funded by the European Union.                       

“The contracts are an extension of the World Bank and EU-funded highway projects
that we have carried out in Latvia over the past ten years,” says the Head of   
Lemminkäinen's Paving and Mineral Aggregates Division, Mr. Henrik Eklund. “The  
country will be benefiting from more EU-funded projects in the future, too.”    

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Lemminkäinen's Paving and Mineral Aggregates Division is an asphalt paving and  
road improvement contractor as well as a producer of mineral aggregates and     
ready-mix concrete. The Division also carries out year-round highway maintenance
contracts and offers environmental engineering products and services. The       
Division operates mainly in the Baltic Rim region and derives roughly half of   
its business from international operations.                                     
Lemminkäinen Group operates in all areas of the construction sector. Its main   
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