Kiinteistö- ja toimitilajohtaminen Lemminkäinen Varma

Property investors

We take a user-oriented approach to the development and leasing of commercial property projects, seeking property investors either during the project development phase or after the property has been completed.

We are a reliable partner for your property’s development phase in both new construction and renovation projects. We can work with you on project development and planning, as well as assist you in—or take full responsibility for—finding tenants. If necessary, we can also participate in projects as a co-owner.

We assist you in the following areas:

  • Finding land or existing premises
  • Planning
  • Property development
  • Financial arrangements
  • New construction and renovation
  • User services
  • Maintenance

Lemminkäinen has diverse expertise in construction as well as excellent relationships with regional operators.

We build:

  • Office buildings
  • Shopping centres and commercial centres
  • Logistics centres
  • Warehouses and production facilities
  • Data centres
  • Hotels
  • Care service properties

We can provide a solution for all of your property needs.

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