Strategy progress in 2016

In 2016, Lemminkäinen continued to strengthen its balance sheet and improve its capital efficiency by focusing investments, by boosting housing sales in Finland and by releasing capital. In addition, the company re-organised its business and support functions organisations, to better support operational efficiency improvement.

TargetActions in  2016Actions in 2017
Strengthening the
balance sheet and improving capital efficiency
• Boosting housing sales
• Releasing capital
• Continuous improvements of internal processes and procedures
profitability and
• Development of business segments' and support functions' operating models
• Lean Six Sigma trainings
• Elimination of excess waiting times with better planning and cooperation
• Improvement of energy and material efficiency
• Better mobility of equipment and personnel
• Lean Six Sigma trainings
Profitable growth in
selected areas
• New operating model of Infra projects • Strenghtening of the Swedish organisation
• Capability development


Updated 1 March 2017