Acquisitions and divestments

Acquired and divested companies and businesses

DateAcquisition /
Company or businessBusiness area
3 Feb 2016 Divestment  Fence manufacturing in Finland Fence manufacturing business in Finland
31 Aug 2015 Divestment

Road maintenance in Norway

Road maintenance business in Norway
5 June 2015 Divestment

Rekab Entreprenad AB
Bulletin 14.9.2015
Bulletin 5.6.2015

Building construction business in Sweden
13 June 2014 Divestment

Lemminkäinen Talotekniikka Oy
Bulletin 13.6.2014
Bulletin 3.6.2014
Bulletin 14.5.2014

Technical building services business in Finland
10 April 2014 Divestment Lemcon Networks' software business Mobile telecom network software business
 4 April 2014 Divestment Lemcon Networks´ business in Norway and Sweden
Bulletin 4.4.2014
Mobile telecom network project business in Norway and Sweden
30 April 2013 Divestment Lemcon Networks´ businesses in Americas
Bulletin 30.4.2013
Mobile telecom network project business in Brazil, Cananda, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico and the United States
30 Jan 2013 Divestment Lemcon Networks´ Asian business
Bulletin 30.1.2013
mobile telecom network projects business in Asia
3 Jan 2013 Acquisition Maanrakennus Katupojat Oy, Bergqvist Oy, Kuljetus Oy Wilkman
Bulletin 3.1.2013
earthwork contracting, energy network construction and transport, road maintenance
3 Jan 2013 Acquisition Biomaa Oy
Bulletin 3.1.2013
mass stabilisation, treatment of contaminated soil
28 Sep 2012 Divestment Concrete business
Bulletin 3.7.2012
Bulletin 26.9.2012

Concrete and stone building materials and products

2 July 2012 Acquisition Kivinikkarit Oy
Bulletin 2.7.2012

Earthwork construction and the installation of environmental products

5 April 2012 Divestment Sports construction business Sports construction business
31 May 2011 Acquisition Mesta Industri AS
Bulletin 31.5.2011
Bulletin 17.12.2010
26 May 2011 Acquisition Sotkamon Sora ja Sepeli Oy
Bulletin 26.5.2011
Earth construction, crushing of mineral aggregates and concrete, selling mineral aggregates
31 Jan 2011 Divestment Roofing operations (Lemminkäinen Katto Oy)
Bulletin 15 Dec 2010
1 Jan 2011 Acquisition Ylivieskan Putkiasennus Oy
Bulletin 22 Dec 2010
Installation of heating, piping and ventilation
21 April 2010 Acquisition Asfalt Remix AS (75% majority interest)
Bulletin 22.4.2010
Cold milling of asphalt pavement
9 June 2010 Acquisition Risa Rock AS (90% majority interest)
Bulletin 4.5.2010
Tunnel excavation
13 Oct 2010 Acquisition Suonenjoen Sementtituote Oy
Bulletin 13.10.2010
Precast concrete elements
1 Jan 2009 Acquisition Business operations of EH-Tekno Oy Metal and steel construction works as well as the design, construction and contracting of sports and outdoor areas
1 Sep 2009 Acquisition Lødingen Stenindustri AS Stone quarrying and crushing
16 Oct 2009 Acquisition OÜ Magistraali Asphalt production, road construction repair and maintenance, and road markings
1 March 2008 Acquisition Construction business of Kokkolan NSA-Rakennus Oy Building construction
5 June 2008 Acquisition Tolarock Oy
Bulletin 12.6.2008
Hard rock tunnelling and mining excavation
1 Oct 2008 Acquisition Paavon Betoni Oy Manufacture of ready-mix concrete
19 Jan 2007 Acquisition Instel Ab Oy (70% stake) Electrical contracting and electrical maintenance
1 March 2007 Acquisition K.M. Repo Oy
Bulletin 22.2.2007
Manufacture of prefabricated concrete elements and ready-mix concrete
2 March 2007 Acquisition Zacus Ab ja Byggteam Kronqvist Ab General building contracting
29 March 2007 Acquisition Uudenkaupungin Rakennus-Putkitus Oy HVAC installations and technical building servicing
22 May 2007 Acquisition Sähköraisio Oy Electrical contracting and electrical maintenance
25 May 2007 Acquisition Lõhketööd OÜ (85% stake)
Bulletin 28.5.2007
Quarrying, blasting and demolition
18 June 2007 Acquisition Jäähdytystaito Oy Sales, maintenance and installation of refrigeration equipment; spare parts sales and expert services
7 Aug 2007 Divestment Kvalitetsasfalt i Mellansverige Ab
Bulletin 17.4.2007
Asphalt paving
31 Oct 2007 Acquisition Construction business of Rakennusliike Sulo Lipsanen Oy
Bulletin 1.6.2007
New building and refurbishment contracting and development contracting
1 Nov 2007 Acquisition StP-Rakennus Oy General building contracting
31 May 2006 Acquisition RK-Betoniporras Oy and the precast concrete staircase business operations of Suonenjoen Sementtituote Oy Manufacturing of precast concrete staircase units
8 June 2006 Acquisition Betonitec Oy Manufacturing of ready-mix concrete
24 Aug 2006 Acquisition KKT-Palvelut Oy Manufacturing of ventilation and cooling equipment
7 Sep 2006 Acquisition Oulun LVI-Ykkönen Oy (75% stake) HVAC design, HVAC installations and general building construction work
21 Oct 2006 Acquisition Närpiön Sora Oy Quarrying gravel and sand
1 Dec 2006 Divestment Tielinja Oy Road marking


Updated 9 March 2016