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Investor relations


Equity investors:

Ilkka Salonen, CFO
tel +358 2071 50246

Credit investors:

Karo Nukarinen, Group treasury
tel +358 2071 50304

Meeting requests and road shows:

Mervi Metz, Assistant to CEO and CFO
tel + 358 2071 53304

General contacts: investor(at)lemminkainen.com

IR Principles

The main goal of Lemminkäinen's investor relations is to support the correct valuation of Lemminkäinen's share by providing up-to-date information about the company's operations, strategy and financial position to the capital markets. Information shared must to be communicated equally and simultaneously to all market parties.
In its investor communications, Lemminkäinen complies with the laws and recommendations that regulate the communications of listed companies.

The main channels for investor communications are interim reports and financial statements bulletins, annual reports, stock exchange releases, investor news and press releases as well as the company's website. In addition, Lemminkäinen meets regularly with capital market representatives.

All meetings are organised centrally, please see contact details above.

Responsibilities and spokespersons

Lemminkäinen's President and CEO and CFO are responsible for company's investor relations and statements regarding the company.

Silent period

Prior to the Financial statements bulletin and each Interim report Lemminkäinen complies a so called silent period. During this period Lemminkäinen does not comment on the financial situation or future outlook of the Group and does not meet with representatives of the capital markets or financial media.


Updated 4 July 2016