Debt structure and financing maturity

Debt portfolio on 31 December 2016: 213 M€


Financing maturity 2017–2021

  • During Q4, the company executed a partial repurchase of its hybrid bond and repurchased notes to a nominal amount of EUR 34.8 million out of the outstanding EUR 70 million. The hybrid bond was issued in 2014, and the company is entitled to redeem the remaining EUR 35.2 million share of it earliest in March 2018.
  • The company also has borrowings of companies included in inventory EUR 81 million, which are recorded in interest-bearing liabilities. These liabilities will be transferred to the buyers of the co-op shares when the units are handed over.
  • In addition, the company had available committed credit facilities worth EUR 185 million at the end of the period.


Lemminkäinen's committed revolving credit facility includes specific financial covenants, such as the ratio of net debt to EBITDA and the equity ratio, which are monitored quarterly.


Updated 9 February 2017