Board of Directors

Lemminkäinen Corporation's AGM elects at least four and at most eight members each year to serve on the company's Board of Directors, which elects a Chairman and Vice Chairman from among its members. The Board members' terms of office end upon the conclusion of the first AGM held after their election.

The Board of Directors handles the company's administration and the appropriate arrangement of its operations. The Board also ensures that the supervision of bookkeeping and asset management is appropriate. The Board of Directors decides on matters of principle and on any issues that would have wide-ranging implications for the company. The Board's task is to steer the company's operations in a manner that adds the greatest possible value to the capital invested in the company over the long term.

The Board appoints and dismisses the President and CEO, supervises his or her actions, and decides on his or her remuneration and other terms and conditions of service. The Board also approves the values, Group's strategy and policies, as well as monitors their implementation and timeliness.

The Board also ensures that the Group has a functional system of internal controls and that the Group's risk management principles have been defined. It also ensures that key business risks have been identified and are being systematically monitored. The Board approves the operational guidelines and annual plan for the Internal Audit, and also assesses its effectiveness.

Lemminkäinen's President and CEO attends the Board's meetings to present matters for the Board's consideration, as does the CFO. Other members of the Executive Team and the company's management attend meetings as required. The Group's General Counsel acts as the secretary of the Board of Directors.

At the Annual General Meeting held on 28 March 2017, Berndt Brunow, Noora Forstén, Finn Johnsson, Juhani Mäkinen, Kristina Pentti-von Walzel, Heikki Räty and Heppu Pentti were re-elected as members of the Board and Harri-Pekka Kaukonen as new member of the Board.

At its constitutive meeting on 28 March 2017, the Board appointed from among its members Berndt Brunow as Chairman and Juhani Mäkinen as Vice Chairman.


Updated 29 March 2017