Corporate Governance

Lemminkäinen Corporation is a Finnish public listed company whose administration complies with current legislation, such as the Finnish Companies Act, the Accounting Act and the Finnish Securities Market Act, and the company's Articles of Association.

We also observe the rules, regulations and guidelines of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. and the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, and we adhere to the Finnish Corporate Governance Code for listed companies. The Corporate Governance Code is publicly available, e.g. on the Securities Market Association website

Lemminkäinen's administrative bodies

The General Meeting is where shareholders exercise their voting rights and is Lemminkäinen's highest decision-making body. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) elects the Board of Directors, which in turn appoints the President and CEO. The Board of Directors and the President and CEO are responsible for the management of the Group. The Group Executive Team and other management personnel assist the President and CEO in his or her duties. The Board of Directors decides on the Group's administrative systems and ensures compliance with good governance principles.

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Updated 23 February 2017