Strategy, vision and values

During the strategy period 2016–2019, we move from balance sheet strengthening to improving competitiveness and profitable growth.

Lemminkäinen seeks to continuously improve its performance and increase shareholder value through focus on the balance sheet, more competitive operating models and profitable growth in Infra projects in Northern Europe.


Our target is to improve our competitiveness in all business segments and to build a solid foundation to enable profitable growth. We will implement best practices across segments and country borders in order to utilise economies of scale.

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Our vision

According to our vision, we want to be a best-in-class construction company. For us, this means, first and foremost, satisfied customers and employees. With the help of more efficient operating models, we want to offer our customers high-quality projects that are designed and executed by the best professionals in the industry. We always take into account the needs of end-users and environment when planning our projects.

Our values

We put people first. For us, this means that we ensure our employees' safety and occupational wellbeing. We treat everybody equally and we seek to engage people in developing our business together.

We respect and trust. We listen to others and seek to understand their viewpoint. We understand that we ae all different and respect diversity. We do what we have promised on time. Our actions are transparent and honest.

We partner to succeed. We support each other and co-create to achieve results We provide both tough and positive feedback in a timely manner. We share information with each other.