Business development

We have developed products for the construction industry for over one hundred years, especially in paving. With our own research and product development, we can ensure that the paving is always the best one for its use.  

Lemminkäinen has a paving industry laboratory in all of the countries in which it operates in the paving industry; of them, our central laboratory in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Sundsvall, Sweden, are also accredited.

In addition to quality control, our central laboratory develops and improves asphalt products and finds new uses for them. These products include recycled asphalt and polymer-modified bitumen (rubber bitumen). 

We have utilised recycled asphalt raw materials commercially since the early 1990s. Particularly in Finland and Denmark, our utilisation rate of reclaimed asphalt is very high. We also carried out our first trial with low-temperature asphalt in Pori in 2003, the latest trial in 2016.

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Special expertise in construction

We develop also other special products and methods for construction industry. Our expertise includes various subbase-making techniques and excavation techniques, for example. Some of our special products and services: