Take part in renewing our industry!

We are one of the large contractors operating in Northern Europe with business in infra projects, paving and commercial construction. Most construction tech companies in the region see us as a possible customer and promote their software and solutions to us. Many of these companies are startups operated by people with energy, enthusiasm and skills in modern development – but often little experience in working with a traditional corporation like us.

We’d like to use this opportunity to shed light on what we are looking for.

Our key challenge is information management in construction. First it’s about defining a way to support information management of unique projects, because no two construction sites are the same, even though there are similarities in different construction projects.

Then it’s about forming the big picture of operations in the field. We have tens of distinct information streams to handle, such as costs, schedule, work safety, quality measurements and construction design data. These are gathered in different real world units on a site and this data is then consolidated to HQ. Currently there’s a fair bit of manual work and waiting times involved in these processes.

This is one of the things we want to change. Our goal is to transit into a world where automated data collection is the standard. Where pen and paper are only rarely used. Most routine tasks can be performed on devices suitable for the field, such as tablets and all our construction equipment is (securely) online. Also, routine reports should be compiled automatically and only inspected by site engineers. We also know that this changes the way people work and how we operate, but we’re willing to change.

We’re now looking for partners to help us modernize how we think, what tools we use and how we portray ourselves in general. Although we want to know what is going on, it does not mean that we don’t want to use the technology and data also in the field, for example in helping to improve work safety.

This Hackathon is our way of reaching out to the startup community and to anyone who wants to shake the way it’s always been done. Or to come up with new innovative business models. And don’t worry about not knowing enough about construction, that is our home turf and we will help you cover that! This should be a partnership after all.

Although our partner Infrahack will also help you with pitching your idea in our Hackathon, we hope that when you are presenting your idea (and there’s technology involved), take at least the following angles into consideration:

Business case: What business benefits may be achieved for Lemminkäinen? Focus on the core message.

Scope: Where does this fit in our information management challenge and how it improves the daily life?

What must we change: Where do we need to train people, and change their mindsets and ways of working? The better you can present the idea, the easier is it for us to understand how big of a change we need to make.

Compatibility: Frankly we hire few people because of their IT skills. Therefore, some basic things are valuable: usability, understandability and language aspects of the solution in different countries.

Data availability: How can we connect the proposed solution to our existing systems?

In short, we love open APIs that provide complete access to our data with a shared meaning of what that data is, compatibility with industry standard formats, modern access management, and something that is very, very simple to use.

We hope see the great ideas you come up with and develop them further, together!

Juuso Mäkinen and Marko Väyrynen


 Juuso Mäkinen

As an ex-startup Entrepreneur and current Manager of Digital Construction, Juuso Mäkinen is in charge of introducing new tools & processes to  infra projects at Lemminkäinen.


Marko Väyrynen

As a Chief Enterprise Architect, Marko iVäyrynen s working with planning and execution of key the strategic programs at Lemminkäinen.