Success with careful planning and follow-up

Rantatunneli road tunnel in Tampere, Finland, has been a unique project to us, in many ways. The five-year project culminated Nov 2016, when the tunnel was opened to traffic. Approx. 190 our professionals were involved in the project, along with nearly 200 contractors.

How to carry out such big projects successfully? The first things to remember are:

Plan properly. When you’re done with the budget, schedule, organisation and workflow planning, you’ve reached halfway. Don’t forget to follow your plan and monitor its implementation.

Rantatunneli was constructed six months ahead of its schedule just because its target price and timetable were realistic, follow-up was carefully implemented and corrective actions were taken immediately.

Prepare opening well. When your project affects daily lives of thousands of residents, you cannot ignore this. Test your technology thoroughly, to make sure everything runs smoothly on the Big Day.

Large projects include challenges, too. Environment was our challenge, as the tunnel is located on the shores of Lake Näsijärvi. We worked hard to make the results of environmental monitoring understandable to residents. 

In such large-scale projects, you have to allocate enough resources to communication We communicated in real time, in all possible forums and channels, from the early days of the project.

Project was carried out by the alliance model. By working together, the customer and the service providers were able to reduce disruption, cut costs and speed up the processes.

114 innovations of a total value of 20 MEUR were made within the alliance. This clearly is the model for the future!

Esko Mulari
Project Manager of the Rantaväylä tunnel Alliance

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