Minimising idling

Common sense is needed when using machines. Unnecessary idling places a burden on the environment and the company. Through the “Stop idling” campaign, we have promoted the appropriate use of our machines and decreased emissions due to idling.

Machines need breaks too

In 2016, we campaigned to avoid unnecessary idling at our surfacing and mineral aggregates construction sites in all our operating countries. The goal was to promote economical and appropriate use of our machines. We have reduced emissions and costs due to unnecessary idling of machines, while also increasing the useful life of our machines.

Should you leave the machine running?

Certain work phases and technical reasons, such as engine heating and heat balancing, require idling of machines.

Our fleet is so diverse that is impossible to provide instructions that would apply in all situations. However, whenever leaving the cabin, drivers should always think about a few things: “What will I do next? Will I be gone for long? Does it make sense to leave the machine running?”

In our campaign, we advised our employees about the correct use of machines and economical driving habits, and also told them about the benefits achieved by minimising idling. 

By avoiding unnecessary idling, we have been able to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. We estimate that by minimising the rate of idling, we can reduce emissions equal to those generated by driving a car for 18,000,000 kilometres.