More efficient construction with ideas from InfraHack

The digital ideas of the winners of Lemminkäinen’s InfraHack competition will be refined in pilot projects this autumn. These ideas will help reduce inefficiency, improve reaction speed and achieve cost savings.

The InfraHack competition that we organised in the spring generated agile and user-friendly ideas. One of the solutions developed by the winning teams covers all businesses, one is for Paving and one is for Infra projects.

“The objective of the competition was to enable clear productivity leaps and competitive advantages based on the ideas of the teams. We are looking for concrete ideas that we can implement quickly. We want to be on the front line of the construction industry, developing the industry and influencing its future,” says Hannu Ratamäki from Lemminkäinen.

Open-minded approach to new ideas

“The cooperation with Lemminkäinen was great. At some point, we realised that the idea we had been working on was not feasible and we discussed the issue with our mentor from Lemminkäinen over dinner late into the night. As a result of this discussion, we came up with an idea for a measurement system that would benefit the entire production chain,” says Michihito Mizutani from Team Siili.

Siili’s solution is based on Augmented Reality (AR). It is used to measure the paving site and to create a working plan. This solution can be extended to cover also other construction types.

“The assignment perfectly matched our area of expertise. In the construction industry, the flow of information is still implemented using rather traditional methods. Searching for up-to-date information is time-consuming, even though it would be necessary to react quickly to any changes so that delays and problems can be avoided. Digitalisation makes it easier to organise information, and it improves its availability in the right place at the right time,” says Lauri Hartikainen from Team Pointscene.

Pointscene’s idea is to monitor infrastructure projects with the help of 3D documentation that is obtained via drones that film construction sites. The data collected from the sites is used to create interactive, up-to-date maps and models that all project parties can view via Pointscene’s application. 

“InfraHack exceeded our expectations. It was great to have the opportunity to solve problems with Lemminkäinen’s management, field employees and IT,” says Tuomas Lounamaa from Team Poimapper. 

Poimapper transforms reporting tasks from the traditional paper world into digital format. The quality of reports will improve, and the information exchange between various parties will become faster. This enables, for example, immediate reactions to safety observations and more efficient collection of statistical data. 

The future of the industry is digital

 “Among other things, safety, work efficiency and transparency between the various parties in construction projects can be improved by using new technologies,” says Lounamaa.

“With digitalisation, even customers can participate in the construction process. Information sharing with customers is faster and the information format is easier to understand, which enables better understanding of the big picture and the target,” says Hannu Ratamäki.

In Michihito Mizutani’s view, digitalisation will bring radical developments to the construction industry.“It has been great to see how committed Lemminkäinen is to implementing new ideas, and how open and open-minded the company is towards using new technologies. I believe that together we will be creating something completely new in the pilot project.”

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