Lemminkäinen project in Norway wins ITA Tunnelling Awards 2017

Lemminkäinen has won in ITA Tunnelling Awards 2017 of ITA tunnelling and underground space Awards in the category of Project of the Year up to EUR 50 million. The rewarded project is building hydropower plants in Fjærland, Norway.

We have built two hydropower plants for Småkraft energy company in the Fjærland fjord in Norway. We also are responsible for building shafts and all the roadless intake stations for the six power plants and 2.5 km of tunnel excavation in total.

As a roadless construction site, all supplies needed to be transported by boat or helicopter. We had to bring all the equipment and facilities we need on a barge, from which we worked, including our barracks, construction machinery, trucks and repair shop.

Safety and impact to the environment are essential to notice in this kind of special project. The weather conditions in fjord, like heavy winds, brought some extra challenge to the work.

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