Lemminkäinen is a corporate member of the Finnish Data Center Forum

We have joined the Finnish Data Center Forum Ry (FDCF)—a developer of data centre activities—as a corporate member. The goal of the association is to promote data centre activities, expertise, and market in Finland and to improve Finland's competitiveness in the international data centre market.

As a member of the Finnish Data Center Forum, we can participate in developing the data centre market in Finland and keep up-to-date with the latest changes in the field. In addition, we aim to develop data centre projects in Finland. Read more about our data centre expertise.

In 2015, we built a data centre in Mäntsälä for Yandex, a Russian search engine company. Read more about our project.

Lemminkäinen's production engineer Pia-Sofia Lehtoniemi has written her thesis on data centres as property investments in Finland. In her thesis, Lehtoniemi investigated how property investors see data centres as property investment products and which matters should be considered when making investments in data centres. You can download the thesis from the Finnish Data Center Forum website.

Additional information:
Rasmus Holmberg
Project Development Manager, Commercial properties
Tel. +358 (0)2071 53384