Leading factory in the asphalt industry

We are known for our strong expertise in infrastructure and transport infrastructure construction. Our assets include our long experience, solid competence and a cost-effective asphalt plant network across Northern Europe, the flagship of which is located in Sammonmäki, Tuusula, Finland.

Lemminkäinen has about 90 asphalt plants in Northern Europe, about 30 of which are situated in Finland. The geographically extensive production and service network has always been one of the company's key assets.

Lemminkäinen also boasts the largest and most efficient asphalt production unit in Northern Europe, located in Sammonmäki, Tuusula, near Helsinki Airport. Its typical daily output is 6,000 tonnes of asphalt which, when laid, translates to about 15 km of two-lane roadway.

In addition to asphalt, our side plants produce polymerised bitumen and bitumen emulsions. The plant is also equipped for manufacturing mastic asphalt (so-called liquid asphalt).

There are well over one hundred different asphalt formulas. Half of the raw materials come from reclaimed asphalt.

Aid from automation

In addition to its extensive production repertoire, the assets of the Sammonmäki plant include advanced automation, the resulting cost efficiency as well as year-round operations. The more specialized the type of asphalt ordered, the more likely it is to be made in Tuusula. The laboratory, situated in the same area, is a substantial advantage when developing and testing new pavement formulas.

In Sammonmäki, hardly any of the produced materials end up in storage; the electronic order system enables an almost real-time production. The efficiency of logistics has been intensely refined, which is also an important environmental factor. A lorry carrying mineral aggregates to Sammonmäki will leave the plant with a cargo of asphalt or bitumen. The cargo may arrive at the construction site as quickly as within one hour of placing the order.

”Sammonmäki is a flagship that serves the entire country. However, an extensive provincial network of asphalt plants has been an excellent forethought from the company and an extremely important asset in local Economic Development, Transport and Environment contracts,” explains Juha Mäkiaho, head of asphalt production and fleet.

Growth in neighbouring regions

The most recent asphalt plants of Lemminkäinen are located in Russia and Sweden.  At the beginning of summer, the town of Naro-Fominsk, located in the south of Moscow, saw the launch of a mobile plant. This movable asphalt production unit can be transferred to where-ever needed by various contracts. The Russian market is experiencing steady growth due to the massive need to renew some of the infrastructure. Compared to Finland, Russia conducts more bridge waterproofing and paving work.

Similar investments have also been made in Sweden where the market outlook for the industry is quite positive due to the state's substantial development programme for infrastructure construction.