Europe's strongest movable tower crane on our worksite at Helsinki Airport

Lemminkäinen is using the mightiest movable tower crane in Europe in the expansion project at Helsinki Airport. Although the crane is only 45 metres high, its lifting capacity is as much as 64 tonnes to a maximum reach of 21 metres. This makes it possible to lift and move massive elements on site. The large and open spaces that are being added in the expansion place special demands on machinery for lifting.

The crane itself weighs over 300 tonnes. Just putting this crane together is a major effort in itself. Proof of this is that the crane supplier’s fitting team spent some time with the manufacturer in China practising the assembly. Only a few cranes a year of this size class are made. The airport crane is the largest tower crane ever to be used in Europe. The only cranes more powerful than this that are found in Europe are fixed cranes used in ports and shipbuilding yards.

“Only those with a special permit can enter the crane, but not everyone even wants to go up there. Some people find the height dizzying, others don’t,”, says Project Engineer Jarkko Lahti, who works on the site.

Watch the video to see the impressive views of the airport from the cabin of the tower crane.

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