A summer job teaches many new things

We asked three summer employees how their summer went.

We offer young people summer jobs where they can gain valuable work experience. The jobs involve thorough induction training, support from more senior colleagues and the possibility of getting slightly more challenging and responsible tasks if you do your job well.

Joona Åström, a business analytics student at Aalto University, says his tasks during the summer were inspiring. He was working in a team that supports sales, tenders and projects in the project and resource management unit at Infra projects in Helsinki.

“I had the chance to develop tools and visuals with Business Intelligence software. I was also involved in the development of data quality and processes, and of the financial and project management performance indicators for the management.”

Joona admits that there were tough times too. “My role was quite a new one for this team, and there was no model to go by. On the other hand, I enjoyed being creative.”

Gradually increasing responsibility

Working as a Paving Supervisor Trainee in Tampere, Jesse Lindell was given a wide range of tasks during the summer. His summer job in the Milling and Stabilisation consisted of organising different things.

The first two months Jesse spent learning all the work stages, after which he was trusted with his own team.

“Before the contract, I inspected the sites and planned the schedule and implementation. During the contract, I monitored the consumption of mineral aggregates as well as the schedule and quality.”

Jesse also got the chance to travel to different sites around the country.

“The change of scene and working with different teams spiced up my working days.”

Hanna-Kaisa Silvast spent the summer working as a Building Construction Supervisor Trainee in Kuopio in Eastern Finland. She says her days were varied and interesting.

“I worked in completion-stage projects as a supervisor and I also participated in the customer visits in the Puijonlaakso properties.”

Customer interaction is learnt on the job

According to Hanna-Kaisa, one of the best things in her job was meeting customers. In building construction projects, that means future residents.

“Customer work is a neglected aspect in our training, so it’s something I need to learn through practice. I learnt so much during this summer and I was always supported by my more senior colleagues when needed.” 

Hanna-Kaisa says that one of the most rewarding things at work is a satisfied customer.

“It was great to have small repairs taken care of according to the customer’s wishes.” 

Future in the construction industry

Jesse is training as a construction engineer at Häme University of Applied Sciences in Central Finland, in the infrastructure construction line, and the only thing left is writing his thesis. As for Hanna-Kaisa, she is studying at Savonia University of Applied Sciences in Eastern Finland to become a construction engineer and will graduate by Christmas. Both hope that they will find a job in the construction industry immediately after they graduate.

They both are interested in responsibility and varied duties.

“I hope that in my future job I am given responsibility according to my performance,” summarises Jesse.

Hanna-Kaisa is interested in working in a supervisory role at the completion-stage of building construction projects. 

“I would like to be involved with different types of projects.” 

Before this summer, Joona did not know much about the construction industry. 

“I was surprised by the diversity of the industry. After graduating, I would definitely like to continue in analytics. There is plenty to analyse in infra projects, for instance. Lemminkäinen offered a rewarding summer job experience.”