Recycled asphalt production wins Road Sector Innovation Award

Lemminkäinen and Technological Institute wins Road Sector Innovation Award 2015 for asphalt project to provide resource savings by asphalt paving with recycled asphalt.

At last years “Vejforum” in Nyborg the Nordic Road Association (NVF) distributed this year's Innovation Award to Lemminkäinen (Denmark) and Technological Institute for the project 'Circular Asphalt production in Denmark'.

It's a 2-year research and development project, started June 2015, that aims for the greatest possible resource savings in the production and paving of hot mix asphalt - by optimizing the use of recycled asphalt.

New RAP concept

As part of the project we will develop a new robust recycling concept, and a corresponding manual that describes a safe way, to more circular asphalt production, with significantly increased RAP content in Danish wearing and binder courses.

The project has 6 overall working packages:

1)    Development of a new sorting method
2)    Processing of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP)
3)    LCA/LCC screening
4)    Recipe development and evaluation of material properties
5)    Real life test section
6)    Knowledge sharing

The project is implemented under the auspices of the Environmental Protection Agency's Environmental Technology Development and Demonstration Program. The participant are: Lemminkäinen Denmark (project owner), the Danish Technological Institute (project leader), The Danish Road Directorate (demonstration road owner), The Danish Asphalt Industry, and The Danish Union of Municipalities.

Ole Grann Andersson, Product Manager at the Technological Institute and Lotte Josephsen, Laboratory Manager at Lemminkäinen, received the award from Jens Adamsen.

We develop environmentally friendly paving operations

Lemminkäinen has used recycled raw materials since the early 1990s. The reuse of bitumen and mineral aggregates from old asphalt reduces the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of the overall process. In Finland and Denmark, Lemminkäinen is one step ahead in the use of recycled asphalt.

Ole Grann Andersson (left), Product Manager at the Technological Institute and Lotte Regel Josephsen, Laboratory Manager at Lemminkäinen A/S, received the award of Jens Adamsen, President of NVF Road Construction Committee