Laying of the foundation stone in Helsinki-Vantaa terminal expansion project

Photo: Finavia

Laying of the foundation stone in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport terminal expansion project 25.4.2016

The terminal expansion work is one of Finland's largest construction projects. The purpose of the project is to increase annual passenger flow to 20 million by 2020. The contract will be executed as a cooperative management contract.

Over the 64 years of the history of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, multiple expansion projects have been carried out. The current expansion project is the largest to date. The surface area will increase by 45 %, luggage handling capacity will increase by 50% and the number of bridge spots for

wide-bodied aircraft will double. The entire surface area of the terminal in 2020 will be approximately 250,000 m2. A total of 10 duplicates of the Parliament House of Finland would fit in the terminal!

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