Finnoo's Länsimetro site wins the Safest Metro Construction Site award

Lemminkäinen's construction site at Finnoo in Espoo has been chosen as the safest worksite in the Länsimetro project competition for the first half of 2016.

The safety and health risks at the Finnoo construction site have been identified and prevented through various measures: effective general and safety planning on the site, joint agreement on tasks, well-functioning daily and weekly scheduling, arrangements for onsite traffic and mobility, and taking care to keep the site neat and tidy.

"Careful planning and implementation of plans in practice has been our highest priority on the construction site from the very first day. For that we're very grateful to all the staff and office workers, above all to Harri Vehola," says Project Manager Markku Okkonen.

"The weekly ground and water construction site measurements that the safety competition was based on give an indication of the general safety level at a building site at a given moment. What's most fundamental to safety is that everyone working on the site is continually taking part in maintaining work safety by keeping their eyes open to potential dangers on the job and by being active in the weekly meetings. And one can't overemphasise the importance of good cooperative action between supervisors, engineers, and contractors in safety matters," Okkonen adds.

The Länsimetro construction site competition, which is held twice a year, compares construction sites to each other based on accident frequency and ground and water construction site measurements, which indicate the condition and level of safety of a worksite at a given time. Participants in the competition included all the jobs that are underway in the Länsimetro project.

The construction site that wins the twice-yearly competition wins the Länsimetro Safest Metro Construction Site challenge cup, a gold metro disc.


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