Use of reclaimed asphalt on the rise in Denmark

In Denmark, we increased the use of reclaimed asphalt to 26% from our total asphalt production in 2014.

The use of old crushed asphalt pavements as part of new asphalt has increased significantly. Nowadays, approximately 20% of all new asphalt in Denmark is produced using recycled asphalt.

One of our worksites where we used a large amount of reclaimed asphalt in the base layer in 2014, was the new motorway constructed around the city of Silkeborg for the Danish Road Directorate. Lemminkäinen started the paving work there in 2013 and it was finished during autumn 2014. The total asphalt volume of the contract was about 240,000 tonnes.

Durable reclaimed asphalt

Ordinary asphalt is made from 95% mineral aggregates and 5% bitumen, which is the binder in asphalt. Recycling old asphalt saves valuable natural resources, expensive bitumen as well as large quantities of crushed rock. It also decreases asphalt production's carbon dioxide emissions.

In principle, all types of old asphalt can be recycled into new durable and high-quality asphalt.