New fall protection equipment makes it easier to work safely

In occupational safety, we are continuously working towards the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT's target of zero accidents and we are paying particular attention to the use of protective equipment. At the Kahvikortteli construction site in Helsinki, we have developed new fall protection equipment. It is intended to be used in moulding work in prefabricated apartment blocks where timber moulds are installed around a floor or a section for the casting of elements. When working at a height, proceeding floor by floor, the use of functional and safe protective equipment at each phase of the work is crucial.

The father of the innovation, Lemminkäinen's Site Manager Sami Saarinen, says that with the aid of the new safety pole, the safe working area of a single employee extends up to 20 metres, whereas with traditional fall protection equipment, it is approximately three metres. This makes working easier and speeds up production substantially.

Together with Vepe Oy, a company specialising in occupational safety solutions for the construction industry, we utilised the idea in order to develop a bushing, which is installed into wall elements at the factory and in which the pole is inserted at the construction site. The use of the fall protection equipment requires two poles that are placed on opposite sides of the floor. The poles are connected with a Lifeline safety line, to which the employees' harnesses are attached.

The working area increases

With the new fall protection equipment, employees can move easily.

"There can be two employees attached to Lifeline safely, expanding their working area to a total of 400 square metres. In this way, moulding can be carried out on both sides of the section at the same time," says Sami Saarinen.

The new protective equipment will be used on Lemminkäinen's other residential construction sites, whenever possible.