We develop learning environments

We design, build and maintain schools with the PPP model in Finland in Kuopio, Oulu and Pudasjärvi. In projects like this, a far-reaching vision is needed: what kind of environment supports new information-gathering methods, virtual learning and cooperation?

Ensuring the best conditions for learning, teaching and multiprofessional school communities is our top priority, starting from the planning stage.

With the PPP model, construction expands into a comprehensive long-term service. We design and construct the buildings meticulously and maintain the premises throughout the 25-year lifecycle responsibility. In addition to the owner's needs, the PPP builder must understand the users' needs. For this reason, we cooperate closely with users and planners and utilise pedagogic expertise when designing learning environments.

"We consider how everything works, how information will be shared at schools in the future, and how project schedules and costs are managed. By taking user needs into account at all phases, we are also building the trust required by a long-term partnership," describes Vice President Esa Kemppainen, who is responsible for PPP projects at Lemminkäinen.

The Kastelli community centre in Oulu, in northern Finland, was completed in autumn 2014 and is an educational, leisure and cultural centre for the residents of the nearby areas and the entire city. The building houses a day-care centre, a comprehensive school, upper secondary schools for young people and adults, an adult education centre, a library and a youth centre.

The building is designed to be a modern collaborative learning environment that is equipped to meet the needs of the future learning and teaching environments in many ways. The space is extensively adaptable and the structural solutions are sustainable and lasting. Kastelli is the first Nordic school to be awarded the Gold level LEED for Schools certificate. The community centre was also awarded the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers' annual RIL award.

Currently, we are building a timber school in the Poropudas region in Pudasjärvi, in northern Finland. The school will be taken into use in the summer of 2016 and comprises four buildings to house the primary and secondary schools, a high school, an adult education centre and the school gym. The school will accommodate around 800 students. In addition to planning and construction, we are responsible for the maintenance, upkeep, user services and basic renovation investments during the 25-year service contract.