Sustainable quality from Finland

The Aino residential block built by Lemminkäinen in the centre of St Petersburg is the company’s latest flagship project in Russia.

“The apartments are more spacious than usual and the attention to detail and exclusive location make Aino a unique project,” says Olga Semenova-Tyan-Shanskaya, Sales and Marketing Director for Lemminkäinen’s Russian operations.

Located on Vasilyevsky Island in the heart of St Petersburg, Aino is crowned by large, glazed roof terraces affording magnificent views over the Neva River and the neighbouring parks. Aino comprises 470 apartments, 24 of which are luxury penthouses. The housing complex also includes a day-care centre. 

On its completion, Aino will be a thirteen-storey building with six staircases. The apartments in the first three staircases were completed in December 2013. At the initial stage, a first staircase of apartments will be handed over to Sato tenants. The apartments in the last three staircases and the entire project will be completed in September, according to the schedule.

According to Semenova-Tyan-Shanskaya, the people of St Petersburg value Finnish building quality. However, Russian construction companies have caught up with their international competitors in skills and quality and the competition is expected to increase.

"Customers are increasingly looking for functional floor plans, high-quality materials and energy-efficient solutions,” says Semenova-Tyan-Shanskaya.

In addition to Aino, Lemminkäinen is also building Tapiola, a 757-unit comfort-class residential development in the centre of St Petersburg.