Saukonpaasi – a new urban development in Helsinki’s Jätkäsaari area

Jätkäsaari is being developed into a new seaside neighbourhood in central Helsinki. Saukonpaasi, our development in Jätkäsaari, will consist of high-quality apartment blocks and low-rise apartment buildings.

Our plots are located in the Saukonpaasi quarter, which will see the construction of four new seaside housing cooperatives in 2014–2016: Merituuli, Ruori, Kompassi and Loisto. The seven-storey apartment blocks will have approximately 50 residential units each. The sizes of the apartments will range from studios of 31.5 square metres to spacious luxury flats of 150 square metres.

An attractive and comfortable city park will be built in the middle of the Saukonpaasi neighbourhood and the seashore. The park will offer splendid sea views west towards Lauttasaari.

Housing cooperatives of low-rise apartment buildings will be built next to the channel: Meripihka, Meriluoto and Merikari. They will consist of modern apartments with one or two floors. Their large windows, and terraces for some of the apartments, as well as a courtyard resembling the deck of a ship, will create a unique environment for urban living in the heart of the city.

Carefree living

The spatial solutions have been carefully considered to create a spacious feeling. There are units of different sizes to suit people in different life stages. Living rooms and kitchens have views to the sea. 

The apartments will be equipped to high standards, with materials that are of high quality and in line with the latest trends. The floors are boarded parquet, while the kitchens have ceramic cookers, fitted ovens and dishwashers as standard. All of the apartments have glazed balconies with views to either Lauttasaari, the channel or Saukonpaasi park. The larger apartments also have a scenic terrace and a sauna.

The apartment blocks Merituuli, Ruori, Kompassi and Loisto have a cooling system that allows residents to reduce the indoor temperature by a few degrees in the summer.

In Jätkäsaari, waste is collected by Rööri, an innovative pipeline-based system that reduces maintenance vehicle traffic in the neighbourhood.

The challenges of seaside construction

In seaside construction, it is important to take the location into consideration in everything from foundation solutions to the materials used in the building’s facades. Facades and other structures must take into account the wind, which blows humid air and water into them. This means that materials, as well as all details and joints, must be durable and carefully designed.

Wind, humidity and the cold make construction site conditions more challenging.  Incomplete structures must be kept carefully protected. The drying of structures is monitored constantly to ensure that any details requiring further attention are detected in a timely manner.

We build all of our houses with great care, but seaside developments require special consideration. Their future residents can rest assured that they will have a safe and functional home that perfectly suits its valuable location.


Everything is near

One of the big advantages of Saukonpaasi is its excellent location by the sea with good transport links. A tram stop and a metro station are both located within walking distance. The Crusell Bridge connects Saukonpaasi with Ruoholahti. Helsinki city centre is a mere 1.5 kilometres away. There are also jogging and cycling paths nearby, such as the Baana bicycle corridor across the city.

Despite these excellent transport links, the Saukonpaasi neighbourhood is very peaceful due to Jätkäsaari being surrounded by the sea on three sides. There is also a harbour for recreational boats in Saukonpaasi, after all, the island has a coastline of nearly six kilometres in total.

Services in the neighbourhood will increase as more homes are built. There is already a supermarket, a day-care centre and a private health centre in the area. In 2025, Jätkäsaari will be home to 17,000 people.