Special construction expertise increases 

In the 1990s, we improved the tunnel drilling and injection piling methods in various projects in Finland and Sweden.

The need for complex ground and foundation work as well as underground construction increased as more and more people moved into cities.

We developed specialty products and our expertise in specialty asphalts, subbase-making techniques, various excavation techniques and structural tensioning methods. We expanded our range of services into technical building systems by acquiring Tekmanni in 2000.

Environmental matters gain importance

In 2000, we introduced environmental management with site-specific environmental plans and procedures according to the ISO 14001 standard. We began charting environmental risks and loads. At the turn of the millennium, our research laboratory also focused on environmental matters: we developed, among other things, new highly impermeable asphalt materials and structures in order to protect groundwater. Another focus area was the solidification and utilisation of contaminated soil.

We have utilised recycled asphalt raw materials commercially since the early 1990s. Particularly in Finland and Denmark, our utilisation rate of reclaimed asphalt is very high. We also carried out our first trial with low-temperature asphalt in Pori in 2003. Lowering the temperature of the asphalt mix saves fuel and energy.

In 2014, our laboratory became the first, and so far only, officially accredited asphalt industry laboratory in Finland. We have a laboratory in every one of our operating countries. In addition to our Finnish laboratory, also the laboratories in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Sweden have been accredited.

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