Finnish expertise exported

Lemminkäinen’s strong growth began in the 1970s: the company was being transformed into a large international construction conglomerate.

In 1975 Lemminkäinen acquired a majority interest in Oy Alfred Palmberg Ab, which became the hub of Lemminkäinen's building construction operations. Palmberg, grounded in 1907, was a well-established Finnish building company that had built industrial buildings, bridges and dams, water towers and harbour basins both in Finland and abroad.

In the 1970s and ‘80s we built stadiums and an extension to a natural gas trunk pipeline between Kouvola and Tampere, among other projects.

Acquisition brought international projects

The acquisition of Palmberg opened new doors for us abroad. In the Soviet Union, we participated in what was at that time a mammoth project: the construction of the city of Kostomuksha and the mining infrastructure around it. That project gave us a strong foothold in the country where we have participated in hundreds of construction projects since the 1970s.

The rest of the world interested us as well, especially the oil-producing countries in Africa and the Middle East. We built houses in Nigeria, a conference palace in Iraq and carried out civil engineering projects in Liberia, to mention a few of the projects.

Industrial earth working projects

In addition to the large road construction projects we gradually started to get industrial earth working contracts. These included, among others, excavation work for a tunnel power plant in Tanzania and wastewater treatment plants in China. The focus of our international operations was, however, in Central Europe. 

Among our large industrial construction projects in the 1980s were paper mills in Britain and France.

Residential construction starts in Finland and in St Petersburg