Social responsibility

We want to offer our employees and subcontractors safe and comfortable working conditions with opportunities for the personnel's competence development.

Our social responsibility focuses on occupational safety. We want to ensure that our employees and subcontractors leave work healthy at the end of the day. Our entire group is committed to the goal of zero accidents.

We invest in the prevention of workplace accidents and train our personnel in occupational safety issues. Comprehensive safety training reduces accident risks and helps Lemminkäinen employees to incorporate safety awareness into their daily work. With construction site induction training, we ensure that both our own employees and subcontractors know the safety practices of the site. Personal protective equipment is mandatory at all of our construction sites, also for our subcontractors.

We conduct regular safety inspections at construction sites, analysing the risks of the site as well as determine appropriate occupational safety measures.

Preventing accidents

Safety communications and continuous safety-related dialogue are a key element in safe working practice. Mandatory weekly site meetings in which we discuss topical safety issues together with employees and subcontractors are an important channel in our safety communications.

We encourage our employees to make safety observations. Deficiencies observed are corrected to prevent future accidents.

We investigate each serious accident thoroughly. We examine the root causes of the accident and determine ways of working that could have prevented the accident. We also share information about accidents to prevent similar accidents from occurring in the future.

In developing occupational safety, we cooperate with other industry operators. We are actively involved in promoting occupational safety work in the construction industry.

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