Lemminkäinen's Supplier Requirements

Lemminkäinen wants to be an interesting business partner and seeks reliable, honest, mutually beneficial relationships with its suppliers (material suppliers, service providers, subcontractors and designers). These Supplier Requirements outline the principles, which Lemminkäinen observes in all of its operating countries. Lemminkäinen expects all of its suppliers to comply with these principles in all of their activities with regard to Lemminkäinen, their own employees and suppliers, as well as third parties. Lemminkäinen requires that all suppliers read these principles carefully and adjust their activities accordingly.

1. Financial responsibility

We do not pay or receive bribes or other illegal payments to initiate or promote business. We do not offer or receive any acts of hospitality, gifts or benefits that can, according to reasonable assumption, influence our business-related decision-making or that exceed the limits of ordinary hospitality.

In our business, we need a wide range of suppliers, service providers and subcontractors. Maintaining open interaction, complying with agreements, and achieving mutual trust are important factors not only for our success but also for that of the suppliers. We select our suppliers on objective grounds, and personal reasons cannot influence our choices. The suppliers must fulfil Lemminkäinen's requirements in terms of quality, reliability, price, ability to deliver, and way of working.

2. Legal and social responsibility

We expect our suppliers to comply with laws and regulations, as well as regulations concerning international human rights, labour rights, and environmental matters. We promote our suppliers' compliance with the principles outlined herein and monitor their performance in this respect.

We do not accept forced or child labour, nor any treatment or working conditions that contradict international labour rights.

Our suppliers must avoid all conflicts of interest and situations that may lead to a conflict of interests in all of their activities involving Lemminkäinen. A conflict of interests arises when the supplier's representative pursues personal gain for him/herself, a friend or family member, based on his/her role as the supplier's representative. Suppliers must report all detected or suspected conflicts of interest between themselves and Lemminkäinen. Suppliers must attest to Lemminkäinen that they are not directly or indirectly owned by Lemminkäinen's employees or their close relatives and that no such persons have any other kind of direct interest in the supplier company. Suppliers must immediately inform Lemminkäinen of any such changes in its ownership in writing.

3. Environmental, health and safety responsibility

Lemminkäinen focuses on sustainable construction with respect for the environment. We require that our suppliers commit to the following principles:

  • Our suppliers are obligated to protect the environment and to use materials, raw materials and natural resources in an efficient manner. The suppliers must strive to minimise waste generation in their activities and take the required measures to prevent emissions (for example noise, dust, vibration, and harmful odours). The suppliers must report all shortcomings and observations related to environmental issues. All environmental damage caused by activities must be repaired. The suppliers must comply with environmental laws, regulations, instructions and guidelines, and make sure that they have all the required permits and comply with the permit requirements.
  • In its procurement, Lemminkäinen favours sustainable, energy efficient alternatives over otherwise equal objects of purchase.
  • Suppliers must, for their part, see to cleanliness and waste management in such a manner that all health, safety and environmental requirements are met. Hazardous waste must be handled and stored separately and removed from the site in an appropriate manner.
  • We practice open stakeholder communication about our environmental efforts and we expect our suppliers to support our goals with their actions.

4. Approval of these requirements

By dealing with Lemminkäinen, Supplier accepts to comply with Lemminkäinen's Supplier Requirements and follow the instructions that Lemminkäinen may give on the compliance of the Supplier Requirements.

Supplier commits, within its competence and influence, to ensure that its own suppliers, sub-contractors, representatives, consortium partners and other partners, used in the business with Lemminkäinen, will follow and promote the principles of Lemminkäinen's Supplier Requirements.