Reporting infringements of our Code of Conduct

There are many ways to report to us if you suspect any violation to our Code of Conduct.

You can talk to the site or project manager, contact Lemminkäinen's Internal Audit or use the SpeakUp hotline. If you are a Lemminkäinen employee, please primarily inform your supervisor, or his or her supervisor.

Internal Audit

Primary channel for reporting any violations of the Code of Conduct is Lemminkäinen's Internal Audit, e-mail

SpeakUp hotline

You can also report your suspicions using our SpeakUp service. If you wish, you can also leave your report anonymously.

Reports can be submitted at any hour via a free phone number or by filling in a web form. The service is available in the languages of our operating countries and in English.

The service is operated and the report is received by a third party called People Intouch. They will transmit the message to Lemminkäinen.

Country Access
Tel. Web form
Denmark 97034 80885638
Estonia 16456 800 0044 208
Finland 98668 0800 113 031
Latvia 39335 8000 2490
Lithuania 58466 880090006
Norway 32389 800-18333
Poland 66953 008004411739
Russia 03832 810 800 2626 9902
Sweden 96990 020-798813

Select language and enter the access code. The service is available in all countries in each country's own language as well as in English.

Instructions for using SpeakUp

Write down your message beforehand; this way you are sure about the information you're about to give and that your message is comprehensive.

Making the phone call

Call the hotline number, choose language and enter the access code. You will receive a six digit case number. Write it down, so you can access the reaction to your message at a later stage. You can record your message after the beep. When you are finished, you can simply hang up. The recorded sound file will be transcribed (word by word) first. The recorded sound file will never be handed over to Lemminkäinen.

Filling up the web form

Type in or simply copy and paste your message. When you are finished, press the 'send message' button. After that, a screen with the case number and your message will appear. You can print it out.

Response to your message

Your message will be sent to Lemminkäinen's General Counsel and Head of Internal Audit. These officers will process the message and give you a response message.

You will get a response within a week. You will find your response on the same system where you left your original message (the phone or the web). To access the response simply return to the system and enter the six digit case number you received when you submitted your report. You can also leave your own response to Lemminkäinen's message.

If you notice that a response has not been left for you, please be assured that the message is being reviewed and that a response will be available for you in a few working days. It is wise to check for a response regularly.