Corporate Responsibility policy

As a major player in the construction and infrastructure industry, our goal is to consider both the direct and indirect impacts of our operations on the surrounding community as thoroughly as possible. We want to be among the best companies in our industry. For us, this means satisfied customers, employees and owners. We engage with our employees to act in a responsible way to create the conditions that make living, working and travelling functional, safe and healthy.

Our primary corporate responsibility goal is to provide our customers with solutions that support their operations, conforming to our code of conduct and corporate responsibility principles, and to improve and align responsible ways of working in all of our operations. The cornerstones of our operations are understanding the needs of our customers, continuous improvement, zero defect principle, competent personnel, well-being and a safe working environment.

As a part of the wider construction value chain, we also encourage and set expectations for our stakeholders to act responsibly. By influencing our suppliers, chosen on the grounds of our Supplier Requirements, sub-contractors, partners as well as customers and other stakeholders, we can have an impact on the entire construction and infrastructure industry.

We fulfil our corporate responsibility policy, including quality, environmental and occupational health and safety policies, through our management systems. We establish scorecards, audits and management reviews to ensure that our goals and relevant compliance obligations, as defined in our management systems, are being met.

Our corporate responsibility commitment

Corporate responsibility themes in the construction industry

Our operations have an impact on the society and the surrounding community. Therefore we strive to foster an open dialogue with our stakeholders to manage these impacts be they environmental or socio-economical.

The construction industry is characterised by occupational health and safety challenges such as physical, ergonomic and chemical risks. Despite many improvements, the construction industry remains a high risk working environment.

The construction industry as a whole is an intensive user of energy. Construction sites generate a considerable volume of surplus material, the majority of which is recyclable. With careful planning and design we can use materials efficiently and reduce energy use and pollution during the entire construction lifecycle that can be even decades.

The most important corporate responsibility themes for Lemminkäinen

The most important corporate responsibility themes have been recognised together with our employees and external stakeholders.

Ethical way of running business forms the basis for our operations containing all three aspects: social, financial and environmental responsibility. We expect that all our employees comply with our Code of Conduct. In addition, we expect our suppliers to comply with our Supplier Requirements based on the Code of Conduct.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility at Lemminkäinen consists of our engagement with people, customers and other stakeholders as well as the society. The most important corporate responsibility theme for Lemminkäinen is 'People first'. As people are our most valued resource, we treat people fairly and respectfully and motivate and involve employees and other important stakeholders in developing our ways of working.

We want to provide a safe, productive and healthy work environment where each individual and team can professionally excel in a well-lead organisation. Each leader is accountable for leading by example by displaying behaviour based on the Lemminkäinen values and leadership principles.

Occupational safety is at the core of our operations and we work constantly to improve it. The goal of our occupational safety activities is a safe company in which risks to personnel and physical capital are eliminated or minimised.

Our aim is to contribute to the development of a more sustainable society. We act as a responsible corporate citizen by actively cooperating with other stakeholders in the value chain and the members of the society in order to find new development opportunities.

Environmental responsibility

Our production has a significant impact on the environment: our production uses significant amounts of energy and natural resources. We strive to optimise the use of all resources such as energy and other natural resources, human resources, machinery and logistics.

We constantly seek to improve our energy efficiency and we monitor and control our energy usage. Our energy efficiency system covers all businesses. We use the majority of energy in our asphalt production and at our construction sites. To reduce energy consumption, we create energy efficient working techniques and improve the performance of our machinery in cooperation with our suppliers. We aim to plan logistics and material transportation as efficiently as possible.

We produce raw materials as efficiently as possible sparing natural resources. We pursue to increase the value of waste materials and to find new business opportunities to reuse materials. We enhance material recycling and minimise waste in our production. We recycle asphalt and mineral aggregates which also save natural resources and decreases energy consumption. We take care of permits accordingly and strive to support biodiversity and after-usage prospects.

We constantly improve our capabilities to adhere to stakeholder requirements and proactively participate in the surrounding society's discussion about environmental issues. Our aim is to increase our stakeholders' understanding of environmental friendly production methods and quality of our products.

Financial responsibility

For Lemminkäinen it is important to grow and develop our business responsibly over the long term. We want to create added value for our stakeholders in a manner that benefits all parties. This requires investments in the development of our customer relations, services and competence so that we are able to offer our customers the best services in the market. In cooperation with our customers, we want to develop new practices that contribute to the progress of the entire construction sector. In order to ensure long-term profitable growth, it is important to optimise the use of our financial resources.

We aim to strengthen the company's capital structure and increase investor and stakeholder trust by minimising risk exposure and increasing transparency. We seek responsible and innovative ways to improve our production efficiency and develop our products and services. We analyse both short and long-term customer needs in order to create an optimal business portfolio. We aim for excellence in our day to day work.