Lemminkäinen Group Code of Conduct

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to lay a sound framework for work at Lemminkäinen.

This Code of Conduct applies to all our business operations and defines common operating models for all of Lemminkäinen's directors, officers and employees, including also those of Lemminkäinen's subsidiaries. When necessary, the Code of Conduct will be complemented by more detailed policies, principles and guidelines.

It is important for us at Lemminkäinen to build up and develop the company's business sustainably in the long term. Ethical behaviour is the basis for our everyday way of working, taking into account the expectations of customers, our own personnel and other stakeholders.

Our values, with which our operations must always comply, are:

  • We put people first
  • We respect and trust
  • We partner to succeed

The Code of Conduct is available for our stakeholders on our website at www.lemminkainen.com.


We shall comply with the laws and regulations applicable to our business in the locations we operate as well as with Lemminkäinen's policies, principles and guidelines.

The rules of Nasdaq Helsinki, including also the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2015, shall guide our governance.


We make our decisions in accordance with Lemminkäinen's values in an ethical and legally sound manner.

Conflicts of Interest

We avoid conflicts of interest that may impair our business judgement and, where such emerge, disclose them, and our personal benefit shall not influence our decisions.

Relationships with customers

We shall make sure that our actions comply with the promises made to our customers.

Subcontractors, suppliers and other co-operation partners

We expect our partners to comply with laws and regulations, international human rights, labour rights and environmental regulations. We shall promote the compliance with principles in line with this Code of Conduct among our subcontractors, suppliers and other co-operation partners.


We shall commit to fair and equal treatment of our personnel. We shall not tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, citizenship, skin colour, language, gender, age, family conditions, sexual orientation, health, religion, social opinions, political or professional activism, or any other comparable reason. We shall not tolerate any kind of harassment or bullying at work.


The general principles in our internal and external communication shall be trustworthiness, openness and speed, taking into account the law, official regulations, stock exchange rules, and our own guidelines. 


We commit to this Code of Conduct, and we will report any potential violations of this Code of Conduct.

Supervisors are in charge of introducing this Code of Conduct to existing and new employees. The company management shall monitor its implementation.

Violations of the Code of Conduct shall be reported to one's own supervisor or the internal audit function. The internal audit function is responsible for investigating such cases.

Anyone, including employees, can report their suspicions of breaches of the Code of Conduct anonymously, if necessary, using an external service channel. The contact details of the service channel and instructions for use can be found on our website: www.lemminkainen.com/speakup.

Anyone reporting violations of the Code of Conduct shall not be sanctioned.

Any practices in conflict with this Code of Conduct must be rectified immediately. Violations of the Code of Conduct will be regarded seriously, and such behaviour results in disciplinary action and even termination of employment.