Environmental responsibility

In the products and services we offer to our customers, we strive for the highest possible energy and material efficiency.

Most of our environmental footprint comes from our paving and mineral aggregates production. In these sectors, we strive to develop sustainable products and operating methods.

We make active efforts to increase the amount of reclaimed asphalt in our production. By recycling old asphalt and turning it into reclaimed asphalt, we can save mineral aggregates and bitumen, which is an oil-based product used as a binder in asphalt. Moreover, the reduced need for using and transporting mineral aggregates and bitumen also reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

Our goal is to constantly enhance the recycling of raw materials and to utilise waste generated as a by-product of construction projects to an increasing extent.

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We monitor the environmental impact of our operations

We regularly monitor our environmental impact and constantly seek to reduce it by developing our production processes and the efficiency of different work phases with regard to machinery usage, for example.

We monitor our environmental impact in large construction projects, such as the Rantaväylä tunnel project in Tampere, Finland, completed in 2016, during which the quality of air and water, among other things, was observed, with up-to-date information available on the project website.

We aim to reduce the impact of our mineral aggregate areas on the surroundings with various measures, including noise and protection barriers and stable and impermeable support areas. We carry out excavation work in a manner that it minimises dust. For disused areas we make an after-care plan in which we take into account nature, the landscape, groundwater and the area's land use plan.