Towards zero accidents in Latvia

We have made good progress in creating safety culture in Latvia - with the help of soda cans!

In Latvia, we have launched safety calendars, from which everyone in the office and asphalt plants can easily see how many days has passed without any accident to Lemminkäinen employee in the country.

“In order to get visibility for safety matters, we also decided to give all employees in construction sites, laboratories and asphalt mixing plants a monthly soda can with information in form of a safety sticker,” says Safety Manager Davis Bautris

The sticker gives thanks for working safely and tells the number of accident-free days in the past month. It also has a reminder to keep up the good work towards zero accidents. There is also a link for personal web magazine.


Good results

“We have seen that this campaign has been successful and given good results so far. Everyone wants to receive the soda! Although it isn´t something big, it makes employees to strive together towards common goal. Obviously should there been an accident, the sticker in the following month would share a detailed information of the case,” tells Bautris.

We also follow the days passed without accidents in other communication channels. For example in Estonia, we have a calendar on intranet where everyone can check the situation on-line.