We build a sustainable society

We want to be a best-in-class construction company. We develop our business sustainably over the long term while growing profitably.

The sustainable, long-term growth and development of our company's business is important for us. As a major player in the construction industry, we take into account both the direct and indirect impacts of our operations on the surrounding community as thoroughly as possible.

Our corporate responsibility targets

Our primary corporate responsibility target is to improve sustainable ways of working in all our operations.

Long-term corporate responsibility targets:

  • Achieving zero lost-time accidents
  • Deploying Lemminkäinen-level standards for safety, work ability management and career planning to ensure life-long work ability
  • Improving our customer satisfaction
  • Ensuring that suppliers are in conformity with Lemminkäinen Supplier Requirements
  • Improving our energy efficiency
  • Increasing our material efficiency and recycling

We determined the corporate responsibility themes that are the most essential for our operations and have the greatest impact on our result. Themes are described in Lemminkäinen's materiality matrix (updated in the autumn of 2015). Aspects were determined in cooperation with our employees and external stakeholders.