Lemminkäinen - a strong player in the construction market

We are an expert in complex infrastructure construction and building construction in northern Europe and one of the largest paving companies in our market area. Together with our customers and 4,700 professionals we employ, we build a sustainable society. We want to be a best-in-class construction company. For us, this means, first and foremost, satisfied customers and employees.

Our operating countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
Net sales in 2016: EUR 1.7 billion
Personnel in 2016: 4 700

Our business

Infra projects

We have substantial experience in complex infrastructure construction in northern Europe. Our areas of special expertise include challenging urban environments and traffic projects, as well as major industrial and power plant projects.

In addition, we offer versatile specialised contracting services for the construction of underground facilities, demanding foundation engineering and foundation reinforcement, to name just a few.


We build and maintain road networks in all our operating countries. We are one of the largest paving operators in our market area, and we provide our customers with a comprehensive range of paving services, from basic road maintenance to specialised contracting.

We place special emphasis on ensuring that asphalt is durable and that the selected material is the best possible for the location. We aim to supply environmentally sustainable solutions to our customers. Paving in challenging locations, such as airports, is one of our areas of special expertise.

Building construction

We build apartments as well as commercial and industrial premises in Finland and Russia. We also carry out demanding renovation and alteration projects. 

We build well located high-quality apartments to urban growth centres. Apartments are located near good traffic connections and services. 

We build functional and long-lasting working spaces and premises that enhance productivity and comfort for their users. Flexibility and energy efficiency of the premises are attended to.

We are also a trusted and reliable partner for all your commercial property and facilities management needs, throughout the entire life cycle of the property.

In the PPP model, we design and construct the buildings and typically see to the maintenance of the premises for several years.

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