Variation, new challenges every day, and people are the best things about the job

After graduating as a Construction Engineer, Andreas began his career at Lemminkäinen as Site Manager and today, 8 years later, he works as Manager for Paving in Northern Sweden.

Name, position and ageWiklund

Andreas Wiklund
Construction Manager Northern Sweden, Paving
33 years

What kind of training and education do you have?

I am a construction engineer with focus on building production with a degree from Novia University of Applied Sciences in Vaasa, Finland. Afterwards, I received a Master’s Degree in "Technological Leadership" at Novia University of Applied Sciences in Vaasa.

How did you come in contact with Lemminkäinen?

The first time I came in contact with Lemminkäinen was during my studies, at a recruiting opportunity which Lemminkäinen arranged in Vaasa. So when I finished my studies I called one of the employees that had been in Vaasa and asked if there were jobs available. He said that he would be in touch and after about 1 month I got a job as Site Manager for Lemminkäinen Infra of the Åland Islands.

What has your career been like at Lemminkäinen, which positions have you held?

2009 - 2012  Site Manager Åland
2013 - 2014  Site Manager Stockholm
2014 - 2017 Construction Manager Northern Sweden

What does a typical work day look like?       

My work days vary greatly, from sitting and calculating large offers, to being out in the field assisting our employees. Of course, the most important part of the day consists of finance and administration. But a normal day often starts around 06:00 with various conversations with employees, then at 08:00 the customers and other cooperation partners begin to start the day. Usually there are a few meetings during the day, ranging from small things to major problems needing to be solved. The phone rings all day, but it tends to be calmer in the afternoon, so we have a few hours to sit alone in the office and complete what there had not been time for during the day.

What do you like most about your job?

The variation. No day is the same, there are new challenges every day and you meet a lot of people. And we have a fairly open policy in Northern Sweden where we discuss and resolve a lot of things together. What is the greatest challenge with your job?

There are many balls in the air and that makes it important to delegate those tasks that can be delegated, so as to not take on too much work. Merging all resources and timetables is also always a great challenge. The timetables are often tight which can make it very challenging fitting in any changes and delays.

What kind of person succeeds in your position?

I believe social skills are very important. I also think that it is important to have broad knowledge about all of our services and machinery, as well as know how our product works inside and out. It is also important to be able to make a decision and then stand behind it.