Feeling a little smarter at the end of each day

“It’s nice to feel like your day-to-day work has real significance,” says Jaakko at the Olympic Stadium construction site. After a summer job, he’s stayed on at the same construction site while also continuing his studies.

Name, position, age

Jaakko Klinga
site engineer trainee
23 years old

What’s your education?

I’m a third-year student in the Energy and Environmental Technology programme at Aalto

University, working towards a Master’s degree in Technology. My plan is to start the Master’s Programme in Geoengineering in autumn 2017. My interest in geoengineering started from the practical work I got to do here at Lemminkäinen.

How did you get to your current position?

Energy and environmental technology, the way the built environment works, is something that I was already interested in when I was in upper secondary school. We face tremendous challenges such as urbanisation, population growth and climate change. I was driven to find a field of study that looks for solutions to these challenges.

I first joined Lemminkäinen as a site engineer trainee at the Olympic Stadium construction site in summer 2016.  After the summer, I stayed on at the same construction site. At the same time, I’ve continued to make progress in my studies at the target rate while also being involved in other activities.  I am a youth section board member of the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers (RIL) in the Helsinki metropolitan area and, in 2016, I was in charge of corporate relations at the Aalto University Guild of Civil Engineers.

What was a typical workday like in your summer job?

In the early summer, I was a supervisor trainee and I spent my days in the field learning how everything works.  Soon after that I started to assist in day-to-day supervisory duties. Later in the summer, I was more involved in site engineer duties: project management, quantity monitoring, on-site induction training, procurement and material calculations.

What do you like most about your job?

It’s the sense of personal development. I like feeling a little smarter at the end of each day. Even today, in just one hour of work, I feel like I’ve learned many new things. It’s nice to feel like your day-to-day work has real significance. We are doing something genuinely important and concrete.  I also really enjoy being part of large projects. The stadium construction site has a great team that is always ready to help and teach.

What is the most challenging aspect of your work?

You have to constantly take in new information and develop yourself. There are always new situations to deal with. 

What kind of person does well in your role?

You have to be eager to learn new things and challenge yourself. You also need good collaboration skills. When you’re out in the field doing supervisory work, it’s important to get along with people.