A problem solver with a sense of humour

Jani Ruti has always liked making things with his hands. A calm demeanour and flexibility are assets when working with customers.

Name, title, job and ageJani Ruti

Jani Ruti, Defects Liability Repair Technician in the Lappeenranta region, 39 years old

What's your education background?

I graduated as a carpenter from a vocational school, and I've also completed studies related to acting as a personnel representative and OSH delegate.

How did you end up in your current position?

I joined Lemminkäinen right after my graduation, around 19 years ago. My work has taken shape over the years, and my responsibilities have increased gradually. For instance, I make one-year repairs in buildings, repairing defects observed by the residents.

What's your typical working day like?

There's no such thing! The apartments, buildings and people change, as does how busy I am. My days include meeting customers and fixing different defects and deficiencies. I can go to some apartments already at seven in the morning, but some only much later in the day. Scheduling everything is a job of its own.

What do you like most about your job?

The best thing is making everyone happy. Sometimes there might be a dissatisfied and demanding customer in an apartment with defects liability repairs. If we manage to make that customer happy, it's a win. I like having a lot responsibility in my work.

What is the most challenging aspect of your work?

Residents don't always know what is their responsibility, what belongs to the housing company and what is within the scope of the defects liability repairs. Not even the property managers are always aware. In these situations, I have a lot to explain.

What kind of person does well in your role?

In this profession, you have to be calm, as my job sometimes requires patience and an ability to solve problems. A sense of humour often comes in handy.